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Wedding Feng Shui

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by Stephanie Dempsey

Weddings can be stressful times, thanks to a combination of high expenses, tense relatives and dizzying expectations. If you want your big day to be one that's relaxed, joyous and fun, just implement a few Feng Shui cures into the mix. Remember, the point of Feng Shui is to create an environment that nurtures and sustains people. A few gentle adjustments to your wedding's d├ęcor could result in a wonderful day you'll never forget -- despite the best efforts of meddling in-laws, inept caterers and uncooperative weather.

It's a Nice Day for an Off-White Wedding
The focal point of most weddings is the bride's dress. Pure white is considered a metal color, with an exacting energy that might be too taxing on an already beleaguered bride. Instead of opting for this classic color, choose a softer earth tone like ivory, cream or bone. The nurturing energy of earth will put you at ease, making for a much more enjoyable wedding. If you want to wear a dress that's a little different, you can choose another earthy color like cocoa, dusty rose, pumpkin, olive or honey. These shades will also work well for bridesmaid's dresses.

Save the Date
Certain dates are more auspicious than others for weddings. Any date that ends in an 8 or 9 is particularly lucky, since 8 symbolizes infinity and 9 represents fulfillment. According to Feng Shui logic, the 8th, 9th, 18th, 19th, 28th and 29th are ideal wedding dates. If you're not crazy about those dates, there is hope. Feng Shui practitioners believe that any date that adds up to the number 8 is favored for commitment. Therefore, the 17th and the 26th are also lucky days to get married. In particular, the 8th day of the 8th month (i.e., August 8) has an air of permanence that will be nearly impossible to break with divorce.

Let Them Eat Cake
Feng Shui practitioners believe that the wedding cake is symbolic of the married couple's future. With that in mind, you should choose a cake that best represents your shared goals. For instance, if you want an adventurous marriage where you will grow and learn together, choose a three-tiered wedding cake, which represents the rising energy of wood. For a stable marriage, pick a square cake, which symbolizes the nurturing energy of earth. A round cake is perfect for people who want lots of children or are very artistic, because circles represent the creative principle of metal.

Single Out the Problem Guests
If you have an overly critical relative, try this Feng Shui cure. Position this person's chair so that it faces a water feature like a fountain, ice sculpture or aquarium. Even a picture of an ocean, lake or river can work. Water has a calming influence that prompts people to turn inward, and makes them less prone to acting out. If you're not able to do this, try pasting a square of black construction paper beneath this person's seat, as this color represents the water element.

Neither a Lender nor a Borrower Be
But only if the person who wants to lend you something has had an unhappy marriage. If you're going to observe the "Something borrowed, something blue, something old, something new" tradition, make sure that anything you acquire is from a person who has enjoyed a happy marriage.

Round Up the Usual Suspects
If you have a family that's full of people who love to argue, give careful thought to the shape of your reception tables. Circular tables take the edge off harsh, unfeeling remarks, whereas rectangular or square tables can accentuate arguments. Oval tables are also favored for harmonious gatherings.

Sign of the Times
If you and your spouse are drawn to a particular symbol, feel free to integrate it into your wedding ceremony. It's always a good idea to research the archetypal meaning of your favorite symbol, but by all means, choose the one that resonates with you both. For instance, baskets represent abundance, bees symbolize sociability, birds connect heaven with earth, castles embody wish fulfillment, hands illustrate devotion, and rainbows epitomize promise. Integrate your symbol into your wedding invitations, guest cards and programs.

Rock Solid
For a happy, harmonious reception, place two pieces of rose quartz in a square box, and then place the box in the far right corner of the reception hall. Gemstones represent the nurturing energy of the earth, and can diffuse any arguments or tension that could seep into your reception. Rose quartz is especially auspicious for romantic occasions, as this stone represents love and beauty.

Sweet Smell of Success
A good way to subtly change the energy in the room is to introduce pleasing scents to a space. This can be done with scented candles or essential oil diffusers. Rosemary is a great scent to choose if you want a fun, spirited reception. Choose ylang ylang for a sultry, sexy vibe. Lemon is invigorating and will keep the party going all night long. Vanilla or cinnamon are both great if you're going to have a relaxing sit-down dinner in which guests are invited to savor wonderful food. Lavender, while a popular scent, may not be appropriate for a party setting, considering its calming effect.

It's All About the Bride
Some brides have trouble wresting attention away from egotistical relatives. You should wear something sparkling that keeps all eyes on you. A glittering necklace, tiara or crystal-trimmed dress would be ideal. Materials that sparkle and catch the light contain metal energy, which is focused and entrancing. Remember, a little metal energy goes a long way. It's good for an accent piece, but should be avoided as the dominant decorative element (i.e., a pure white dress).

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