Friday, October 31, 2008

The magic of light

Lighting is a very important element that will bring all aspects of the wedding decor together. We don't often think of lighting when we think of decor. The effects of lighting are subtle to the eye but obvious to the senses. There are many different options for lighting and each type of lighting brings its own beauty to your wedding. Let the magic of lights transport you and your senses to a place of sheer pleasure.

Take a look at these photos to see how the lighting can transform your venue to something completely different. To view more photos from Luminous designs, visit their website at

Gobo projections look great at any wedding. If you've got a dance floor, then you've got to get a gobo projector. The monograms look great.

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The bottom picture has pink flood lights underneath the cake table, the head table and around the backdrop. Alberta EventDeco is a wedding decorating company in Calgary that offers various packages that include lighting with an option to include gobo projection. Call us for details or pricing.