Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Eco-Friendly Wedding Favors

I am a big supporter of Eco-Friendly products. I came across wedding favors that were super cute and eco-friendly at the same time so I decided to share these products with the rest of you.

1) Personalized Seed Packets ($4) on beau-coup.com

Personalized Seed Packet Wedding Favors

2) 150 Bird Seed Favors on etsy.com ($187.50)

150 Bird Seed favors - hearts, personalized, eco friendly, birdseed wedding favor, love birds

3) Buri Fans ($1) on beau-coup.com for a hot summer day

Woven Hand Fans

4) Organics tea collection ($1.25) on weddingthings.com


5) Eco folding multi-use tote made of natural cotton ($3.66) on weddingstar.com

If you have already purchased your favors but you are still looking for a box or a bag, go for a natural rustic linen Eco Wedding Favor bag on etsy.com (set of 20 for $20)

SET OF 20 Natural Rustic Linen Eco Wedding Favors Bag with silver ribbon

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