Monday, March 16, 2009

Why Hire a Wedding Decorator?

When planning for your upcoming wedding, look beyond the typical wedding decorating ideas of flowers and balloons. You can transform a nice looking venue into something truly impressive. But this takes a bit of creativity and an eye for spotting unusual items that could be used in your décor. This is where you want to hire a wedding decorator. The wedding decorator needs to keep in mind that the décor they choose to use reflects your theme, the style of the location, and the mood that you wish to create.

When we are doing the ceremony décor and the reception décor, we tend continue the theme of the wedding decorations from the ceremony location to the reception area. You don't want a sudden sharp contrast between the two, as it breaks the style of your overall decorating scheme. This way there is some consistency in theme and at the end you save money. For example, there are times when we have used the centerpieces for the reception as aisle décor for the ceremony. Little touches can go a long way in providing a memorable atmosphere.

Here are a few tips that you can do on your own to add sparkle and elegance to your reception. Most people forget to ask their venue providers for these things. Most venues will provide the tables with traditional white tablecloths. Always ask to see if you can add colored table toppers, or alternatively, use colored napkin topper if you have a color theme. These will add elegance to any table. Use arrangements of candles on guest and side tables throughout the room. Most venues will provide clear votives or mirrors for free to be used for the reception. When the lights are turned low for dancing, candles provide a soft illumination that is romantic. Votives and tealights are fine to use throughout dinner, but when it comes time for the after dinner entertainment, be sure to use long pillar candles, as you want the candles to burn for several hours.

The easiest way to choose decorations is to work with a theme of some sort, whether it just is a nice color combination, the flowers you love, a favorite season of the year, or some specific theme based on a special interest. Themes will provide you with a lot of ideas for all sorts of wedding décor that you can use.

A good wedding decorator should give you some inspiration on coming up with imaginative and creative ideas so that your wedding day will be a beautiful and spectacular visual feast for everyone.

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